Happy New Year!

Well that came and went quite quickly didn't it? I was sewing up until Christmas Eve, thankfully my clan all expect home made presents now! My wonderful family kept me going with regular mince pie and cup of tea deliveries into my sewing room. We have had a wonderful break, lots of films, lazy mornings and far too much food! The eldest is back at school tomorrow and the youngest the day after, so normal service in my Little Stitch House will resume as normal, thank goodness. I shouldn't complain as I am grateful to have such a wonderful family and it has been super to have the time with them but my waistline and my patience need a break now! 
I have spent the weekend booking events for this year, as soon as they are confirmed I will let you know although I will be spreading my wings a little further than this little corner of Leicestershire/Warwickshire this year. I have been overwhelmed by the emails and messages of thanks from people who have received personalised gifts this Christmas so I am working on some new designs I can take out and about to show to new people. I have also been approved as an Amazon Handmade Seller so I will be adding some items to my shop on there throughout this week too. I do have other things in the pipeline too but for now that is all I can share with you! 
Wishing you all a very happy New Year, 

Claire x 



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